Mother’s Day Cake

For Mother’s Day, I made a special cake.  I found a new decorating technique I’ve been itching to try and it worked out really well.  Like all cake decorating, it took a little time, but it’s fairly simple to do and the results were amazing.  The cake itself was also a huge hit, but hey, who doesn’t like sponge cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries?  🙂

Making a rolled cake is fairly simple.  This site explains how to do it with pictures (but I disagree with step 5 – go ahead right to the edge and trim the sides later).

The decorating part is pretty easy too.  Just mix up a little batter on the side and colour with food colouring or cocoa.  Then draw a pattern on parchment paper and freeze it while you make up the rest of the cake batter.  This site explains it with pictures.

Have fun with this technique.  Vanilla, strawberry and sweetened whipped cream was amazing, but next time I might try something with geometric designs in white vanilla batter, chocolate sponge cake and a whipped white chocolate ganache filling.  I have a choco-holic sister who’d love that…  😉