Fruit Butters

Pear butter (left), Apple butter (center), Apple cinnamon butter before the blender (right)

Fruit butters are thick, spreadable jam-like concoctions that contain no butter, fats, or extra sugar if you don’t want them to.  They can take a while to make, but are much easier (read: less work) to do if you have a slow cooker.  I recently bought a multi crock pot which is just amazing.  Not only is it volume-flexible for what you might need for the day, but it’s also incredibly convenient for making three different flavours of fruit butter!  🙂

I had two large pears left over from Christmas, so I made vanilla pear butter.  As soon as I tasted it I wished I had more pears!  Maybe later…  In the meantime since there wasn’t a whole lot, I froze it in an ice cube tray which I’ll use in oatmeal later.

I also had a lot of apples from a local farm, so I made both plain and cinnamon apple butter.  The plain butter I’ll use with pork dishes, and the cinnamon will also be frozen in ice cube trays for oatmeal and other yummy things.

Making fruit butters is really easy. Continue reading “Fruit Butters”


Mushroom “Cream” Sauce

2016-11-28x-mushroom-sauceThis is a great sauce to make ahead and store in the freezer – it pumps up almost any meal.  If you’d prefer a vegetarian version, omit the chicken broth or substitute it with vegetable broth. Continue reading “Mushroom “Cream” Sauce”

Beef Stroganoff


This is an oldie but a goodie.  I’m not sure what it is – beef in cream sauce?  Sautéd mushrooms and onions…?  Dunno, but the smell of this is delicious.  It’s usually served with egg noodles, and I like to add a colourful vegetable side or two.

I haven’t made it in a while (“cream”, “pasta” and “diet” don’t usually go together well), but with 3/4 cup of cooked egg noodles, a few minor alterations and heavy on the mushrooms, it fits in nicely and tastes great.

For this recipe I used outside round roast beef.  It’s usually used for pot roasting because it’s a little tougher, but much cheaper than the super tender pricey stuff.  If you cut it into thin strips against the grain and simmer in the sauce, it’ll still melt in your mouth and won’t cost a fortune.  Whatever you don’t eat right away can be frozen for future meals. Continue reading “Beef Stroganoff”