About Me


I’m your average person who works in an office every day and who doesn’t seem to have enough time to do the rest of life.  I’ve lost 60 pounds in the past 11 months by eating sensibly, ignoring the food & diet industries and by slowing implementing positive changes in my life.  I’m a huge fan of healthy, fast, easy, and whenever possible, delicious.

I like to cook, but only in small doses and definitely not every day.  I usually cook on weekends because on Monday to Friday that stupid ‘work’ thing gets in the way.  I love my freezer and my slow cooker; they ensure I have hot food waiting for me when I come home and have really helped me lose the weight.

When the weight loss started to be noticeable (and/or when people hadn’t seen me for a few months), the first question was always “How did you do it?”.  That’s not a simple answer; I did a lot of things.  I didn’t do them all at once (that would go against my ‘easy’ credo), but a series of small changes over time can yield big results.

To help anyone else who wants to lose weight, or anyone who just wants easy, healthy recipe ideas, I’m going to post stuff I do in my kitchen and garden.  Since it’s November and there’s going to be snow soon, let’s start with the kitchen for now.

Merry met.